Light Lively Cocktails

Light and Lively: Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

What if you’re trying to maintain a trim waistline? No problem! With the perfect Light Lively Cocktails, you can have your drink and keep your figure too.

The Perfect Low-Calorie Cocktails

Goodbye calorie-loaded cocktails, hello sassy skinny sips! Remember, calories from alcohol are stored as fat, hence why some cocktails have earned the “beer belly” reputation.

First, let’s start with the ever-popular Mojito. A traditional Mojito has sugar, mint, lime juice, white rum, and club soda. To make it low calorie, you simply need to swap out the sugar for a natural sweetener like Stevia. You’ll be left with a refreshing drink that’s ready for summer and weighs in at only around 100 calories!

Try a classic like a Margarita, but make it skinny! A traditional Margarita can run up to 300 calories, but who needs that? Instead, grab tequila, lime juice, orange juice, and some Stevia for sweetness. Serve it on the rocks for a figure-friendly cocktail under 100 calories.

Lastly, let’s talk wine. Did you know there’s a lower-calorie alternative that’s just as refreshing? It’s called a Wine Spritzer! A lovely blend of wine (white, rose, or red), club soda and fresh fruit for flavour, coming in at just about 80 calories for a 5oz serving.

Mix Up Your Own Light Lively Cocktails

Mixing up Light Lively Cocktails on your own isn’t as complicated as it sounds! With a few smart swaps, you can shake it up like a pro and serve refreshments that don’t jeopardize your weight loss goals!

For in-depth information on alcohol and its effects on weight loss, check this useful article from WebMD.

For more cocktail recipes and history, don’t hesitate to look at the Wikipedia page for cocktails.

Enjoy the warm weather! Remember, you can have your fun and still maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right Light Lively Cocktails. Here’s a toast to keeping it Light and Lively! Cheers!