Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 (Multi Ester Test 400)


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Active Half Life Active Half Life 14 Days
Dosage Dosage 400mg – 600mg Weekly
Acne Acne Yes
Acne Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Aromatization Yes
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 90 Days

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Exploring Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400, available at, is a potent blend comprising Testosterone Decanoate (200 mg/ml), Testosterone Cypionate (120 mg/ml), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (30 mg/ml), Testosterone Propionate (30 mg/ml), and Testosterone Acetate (20 mg/ml). This unique formulation, featuring both small and large ester testosterone in precise doses, is designed to treat lean muscle conditions and low testosterone levels in males.

Effectiveness of Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from Highly sought after by men and bodybuilders, Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400, which you can purchase from, is renowned for enhancing sexual desire and stamina. It’s equally effective in long-term muscle improvement. While women can also benefit from it, their needs differ from men’s. This product’s unique properties contribute to health and well-being by boosting libido, facilitating fat loss, and aiding in gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass. Essential for men, particularly for addressing low testosterone levels, Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 ensures rapid hormone elevation followed by sustained levels due to its longer esters.

Using Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from Administered either through injection or orally, the dosage of Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from should be determined by a healthcare professional to maximize effectiveness. While it’s known that men’s libido is generally more pronounced than women’s, this product, when combined with other compounds, injectable or oral, forms an integral part of a comprehensive cycle.

Precautions with Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from Ideal for treating low testosterone levels in males, it is crucial to consult with a doctor before using Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from Discussing your medical history with a healthcare provider is advisable, especially for those considering self-administration at home.

Potential Side Effects of Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 from While Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 plays a critical role in regulating testosterone levels, impacting physical, mental health, and sexual desire, imbalances can lead to various side effects. Commonly observed side effects include skin rashes, changes in skin color or oiliness, swelling, red spots, weight gain, and mood swings.

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