Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300


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Active Half Life Active Half Life 14 Days
Dosage Dosage 400mg – 600mg Weekly
Acne Acne Yes
Acne Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Aromatization Yes
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 150 Days

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What is Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300?

Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300 is a potent, oil-based injectable steroid, enhanced with anabolic esters to extend its overall release and half-life. Distinctive for its ability to deliver anabolic increases in strength and moderate muscle growth, Boldenone 300 minimizes androgenic effects over both short and long-term usage. It’s a synthetic derivative of testosterone, known also as equipoise, exhibiting strong anabolic and moderate androgenic characteristics, ideal for steady gains in lean muscle mass and strength. It significantly boosts red blood cell production, enhancing endurance in athletes.

How Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300 Works?

As an injectable steroid with high anabolic and moderate androgenic properties, Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300 is valued by athletes for its balanced effects, minimizing strong side effects. It boosts protein synthesis and red blood cell production, enhancing nutrient transportation throughout the body. This efficiency even under reduced calorie intake makes Boldenone a suitable hormone for ‘cutting’ phases. The increased red blood cell count also aids in oxygen transportation, thereby boosting endurance and the ability to sustain high-intensity workouts for longer.

How to Take Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300?

Administered via intramuscular injection, the recommended dosage for adults is 200-800 mg of Boldenone undecylenate per week. A dosage of 400-600 mg per week is typically advised for other users.

Side Effects

The most common side effect reported is an increase in libido. For women, when administered in a safe dosage range, Boldenone 300 rarely produces masculinizing side effects.

How to Buy Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300?

Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300 is a highly effective anabolic steroid with mild androgenic effects, suitable for athletes aiming for gradual muscle gains and a leaner physique. With low side effects and a gentle impact on the body, it’s a preferred choice for many. Authentic and safe Pharmaqo Labs Boldenone 300 can be purchased from