Pharmaqo Labs PCT tabs 60 tabs x 102.5mg


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What is Pharmaqo Labs PCT Tabs 60 tabs x 102.5mg?

Pharmaqo Labs PCT tablets are designed to support the body, particularly for those undergoing steroid cycles. Each tablet contains a mix of key ingredients: Tamoxifen Citrate (20mg), Clomiphene Citrate (50mg), Mesterolone (25mg), and Tadalafil (7.5mg). Tamoxifen Citrate, primarily used by men, is not a steroid but a potent estrogen blocker.

How Do Pharmaqo Labs PCT Tabs 60 tabs x 102.5mg Work?

Clomiphene Citrate, a key component in Pharmaqo Labs PCT tabs, is renowned for being an effective PCT drug. While it aids in female ovulation, in men, it significantly increases hormone levels, thereby boosting natural testosterone production. This is particularly beneficial for athletes with below-normal endogenous testosterone levels. Mesterolone is popular among bodybuilders for enhancing muscle definition and reducing SHBG, thereby making other hormones more effective. Tadalafil works by increasing blood flow, especially during sexual activity, promoting better erections and sexual performance.

How to Use Pharmaqo Labs PCT Tabs 60 tabs x 102.5mg?

Pharmaqo Labs PCT tablets are beneficial post-steroid cycle to normalize body functions. They are especially helpful for male bodybuilders to prevent gynecomastia during the use of aromatizing steroids like testosterone. Tamoxifen in the tablets is known to boost testosterone levels and restore LH production in the body. The tablets are a blend of different steroids, making them a potent choice for achieving desired hormonal effects.


Users experiencing disorders like sexual performance issues or anxiety may find these tablets beneficial. However, those with heart conditions, diabetes, or blood pressure issues should monitor their health parameters closely. Pharmaqo Labs PCT is effective for a wide range of users, from athletes and bodybuilders to the general male population.

Side Effects

As with any medication, Pharmaqo Labs PCT tabs have both positive and negative effects, which can vary based on individual health conditions and medical history. It’s essential to use these tablets under the guidance of a physician, especially if other medical conditions are present.

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