ANDROBAL 325 – Testosterone Compound – 325 mg/ml


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BRAND:  Global Pharma
Product: Androbal 325
Commonly Known as ‘Test Blend 325’
Testosterone Enanthate 200mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 75 mg
Testosterone Propionate 50mg

  • 10 x 1ml Ampoules per box
  • Benzyl Alcohol 2.0%
  • Benzyl Benzoate 3.0%
  • Ethyl Oleate q.s.

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ANDROBAL 325 – Testosterone Compound – 325 mg/ml

In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, the quest for supplements that aid in achieving optimal results is ongoing. Among these, Androbal 325 – a Testosterone Compound at 325 mg/ml – has gained attention for its potential benefits. This article aims to explore what Androbal 325 is, its recommended dosage, mechanisms of action, benefits, usage guidelines, precautions, and more.

What is Androbal 325?

Androbal 325 is a testosterone compound formulated at a concentration of 325 mg/ml. It belongs to the class of anabolic steroids and is designed to assist individuals in achieving their fitness goals. Testosterone compounds like Androbal 325 are commonly used to enhance muscle growth, strength, and overall athletic performance.

Recommended Dosage:

The recommended dosage of Androbal 325 may vary depending on individual factors such as experience level, fitness goals, and medical history. Typically, a starting dosage for beginners might range from 200mg to 400mg per week. Advanced users may opt for higher doses, although it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional before adjusting dosage levels.

How does Androbal 325 work?

Androbal 325 operates by increasing testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone plays a crucial role in enhancing protein synthesis, which aids in muscle growth and recovery. Moreover, elevated testosterone levels can contribute to increased strength and endurance during workouts.

Benefits of taking Androbal 325:

  • Enhanced muscle growth and strength
  • Improved recovery after workouts
  • Increased endurance and performance
  • Potential boost in overall well-being

When should you take Androbal 325?

Androbal 325 is usually taken during bulking cycles to promote muscle growth and strength. It’s essential to follow a consistent schedule as advised by a healthcare professional.

When should you not take Androbal 325?

Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as prostate or breast cancer, should avoid using Androbal 325. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should also refrain from its use due to potential risks.

Proper Method of Taking Androbal 325:

Androbal 325 is typically administered via intramuscular injection. It’s crucial to follow proper injection techniques and hygiene practices. Users are strongly advised to seek guidance from a healthcare professional regarding administration methods.

Mechanism of Action:

Androbal 325 operates by binding to androgen receptors in muscle cells, stimulating protein synthesis, and promoting nitrogen retention, ultimately leading to increased muscle mass and strength.

Uses of Androbal 325:

Besides bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement, Androbal 325 might also be prescribed in certain medical conditions where testosterone supplementation is necessary.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Prior medical consultation is crucial before starting Androbal 325.
  • Regular monitoring of testosterone levels and potential side effects is recommended.
  • Avoid exceeding recommended dosages to prevent adverse effects.

Side Effects:

Potential side effects of Androbal 325 may include acne, hair loss, increased body hair growth, and changes in mood or libido. Severe side effects may occur in some individuals and should be promptly reported to a healthcare professional.

Drug Interactions:

Androbal 325 may interact with certain medications or supplements. It’s important to disclose all current medications to a healthcare provider to prevent potential interactions.


Androbal 325 should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Proper storage helps maintain its effectiveness and shelf life.

Where to Buy Androbal 325?

Androbal 325 can be found at licensed pharmacies with a prescription. It’s essential to source it from reputable outlets for authenticity and quality, ensuring OSUK reliability

Androbal 325, a Testosterone Compound at 325 mg/ml, offers potential benefits for individuals seeking improved muscle growth and performance. However, its usage should be approached cautiously, with proper guidance from healthcare professionals to mitigate potential risks and maximize benefits. Always prioritize safety and consult with experts before commencing any supplement regimen.